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What are vacuum sealer bags?

Vacuum sealer bags are a special type of plastic bag which is patterned on one or both sides. This pattern can be known as embossed, ribbed or channeled. Some vacuum sealers advise only to use bags which are patterned on one side only, most bags out there are patterned on both sides, it is advisable therefore to find a bag which is embossed on one side only.

These type of vacuum sealer bags are used in a home / small business machines. The best type of bags are multi-layered embossed bags and have PA and PE plastic layers. Although these layers aren't apparent to the human eye, this is due to a very thin layer of transparent adhesive gluing the layers together.

Fully commercial vacuum packers (£1,200+VAT upwards) use a smooth type of vacuum sealer bag, the machine is able to cope with the smooth bag drawing the air out due to the machine having a very powerful vacuum pump. The smooth bags can work out more cost effective even when accounting for the intial outlay of the commercial vac packer if you are doing around 500 seals per week.

I use vacuum sealer rolls, can I use "vacuum sealer bags"?

Many people believe some brands of vacuum sealer can only use vacuum sealer rolls, however in all cases the special embossed bags will also work and cut out a lot of inconvenience in preparing 'a bag' from a roll. However the trade off is bags can be a little more expensive than rolls, however with the time and hassle saved the difference in money is soon forgotten.

I need long term storage, how long can things be stored in a vacuum bag?

For most food items, whether stored in the fridge or freezer around a year would be the maximium time most would store. For longer storage you need protection from sunlight to stop uv causing damage to the food, a solution to this is Mylar bags. Along with oxygen absorbers your items would store for at least 10 years!

What brand of vacuum sealer are vacuum sealer bags compatible with?

We have found they work with the Eiffel Freshpack Pro vacuum sealer all models, Foodsaver, Magic-Vac, SealaMeal, JML vac packer, Lidl's Bifinett, Russell Hobbs, Andrew James. email us at to check if your machine is not on the list.

Can you recycle
vacuum sealer bags?

They can! The best place and easiest is to take them to your local supermarket who have the carrier bag recycling bins. Another option is to use vacuum sealer canisters or marinators which can be used to vacuum seal your food but after use, just wash them up.

I am keen on cutting food waste and effectively saving money on my household budget will using a vac packer help me?

Yes! The process of removing 97 to 100% of air that would have been in contact with the food or even non food stuffs make it last anywhere from 2 to 5 times longer. It is important to remember though that if a foodstuff should be stored in a fridge or freezer normally it should still be stored there after vacuum sealing. It certainly will save you money in the short term and masses of money over the longer term as the cost of the food been thrown out far outweighs the cost of the bag.

Are all vacuum sealer bags the same?

There are many varying qualities out there, some plastic is hard and brittle and is not well suited to vacuum packing as the plastic does not melt as easily causing failure of the bag's vacuum over time. A softer plastic is much more preferable as it moulds to the shape of the item you are packing without damaging the bag. Bags produced in China or similar tend to be of inferior quality to bags made in Europe( we have contacted Fresherpack (google them) and they have confirmed there bags are manufactured in Europe). We do not know of another supplier of these bags in the UK who source their bags from the EU. Another benefit of the bags being manufactured in EU is that they comply with all the food safety regulations and can be fully safe in the knowledge that they do not contain any nasty substances e.g. BPA or similar which could harm your health.

I've heard of Mylar Foil Bags for long term food storage, are they the same as vacuum sealer bags?

No mylar bags, also offer protection for the Sun or UV - ultraviolet light. They are more commonly used in the States but are now available in the UK. Mylar or foil bags offer a long term storage solution for most dried foodstuffs of between 8 to 10 years when used with an oxygen absorber. Depending on the power of your vacuum sealer, using Mylar foil bags with an oxygen absorber removes more of the oxygen contained within the bag, this along with the UV protection offered makes this massive shelf life of the food product possible.

Do I need to use oxygen absorbers in vacuum sealer bags?

No, the vacuum sealer draws the air and therefore the oxygen out of your vacuum sealer bag, so oxygen absorber sachets are not needed. However if you are using Mylar bags, a vacuum sealer is not used, in its place an oxygen absorber is used to remove the oxygen from the bag.

Questions we have been emailed...

I am looking to replace an old vacuum sealer that has stopped working, what should I do?

Why not have a look at the Eiffel Freshpack Pro vacuum sealer it is a solid machine with some great features. To find a stockist please do an internet search for ' freshpack pro vacuum sealer' on google.

Hi, I'm from Europe wanting a good vacuum sealer, can I order one from the UK?

Google search '
Fresherpack' they do a great one, the Freshpack Pro, with a low flat rate delivery to Republic of Ireland and the rest of Europe and quick tracked DPD courier delivery.

What is the smallest vacuum bag available?

Good question, sizes do vary from different suppliers, however the smallest size is determined by the factory machine that is used to produce them. The smallest size in production is the 10cm x 15cm bag, in the embossed variety.

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